Monday, 17 December 2012

Like it flows….

Burn like the Sun, shine like the Moon
Soar like hopes, dive like a loon
Dance like ripples, sing like pain
Smile like the stars, weep like rain
Hold hand like memories, untie like a tale
Embrace like a creeper, kiss like a veil
Reveal like the dawn, fade like the dusk
Treasure like values, share like musk
Teach like the nature, learn like the mind
Paint like the seasons, wipe like the wind
Grow like a pearl, recede like ebb
Sail like a drifter, lie like grave
Walk like the wishes, run like a stream
Live like a candle, die like a dream

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For years they have been there--stoically oblivious To the world slipping out of time--caged in the dungeon of Down-shelves in my library...