Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Death! O the elusive darkness!
You can't flee me forever—
Our tryst is an inescapable certainty;
Only that fallen leaf knows
When she will convey me to you.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Couldn't ride that fast car
Couldn't be someone
Couldn't be a moon for you, mom
Couldn't be a sun for you, dad
Years smiled to let months grin
Moments sobbed to let days cry loud
Couldn't restrain leafs destined to fall
At the end of road, I stand alone
With just a lone rose for you

Thursday, 25 April 2013


রঙের নেশা ফুরিয়ে গেছে কবে,
এখন আমি সাদায় আঁকি সাদা;
চিত্র সেসব লুকিয়ে থাকে মনে,
নাম-হারা কোন খাতার পাতার ভাঁজে৷

Friday, 12 April 2013

Would you call the current era “The Code Age” ?

In his lectures on “This Unscientific Age”, Prof Feynman eloquently explained reasons behind naming it so…..the principal chord of such explanation was that science could not succeed to sway art, culture, literature, music and such other facets of human expressions in contrast with how waves of stimuli generated by characters or actions or doctrines of the heroes or the religions could deeply influence such creative fields in the Heroic Age and the Religious Age… stretched enough to imbue thoughts with a conviction that science would never actually attain such torque to set spinning of era as it breeds in suspicion to breed more doubts while it explores the great pool of creations….this, perhaps, indicates that each creative expression bears an intrinsic faith—whatever transient, trivial or unfounded it may be in form or structure—in the creative self from which it stems……and science fails to rescue such expressions for its being in the hollow of suspicion….science, indeed, can also never shake of uncertainty in its propagation and each distinct revelation, as it offers, may only present itself just as a better approximation of the truth that it pursues……it can never claim the truth as truth resides in the domain of philosophy……truth is an abstract identity which defines the a space of consciousness around it without itself being assigned with a specific location or direction in such space….and, it exists in its comprehensible state so long the defined space around it exists… does not have any image beyond thoughts….the space of consciousness around it…..but, my point is not to establish why an era can never become the Scientific Age….what I struggle to present here is if the current era still continues to be in a complex field of fragmented influences rooted to discrete domains or if it has been subjected to influences of one principal vector determining the dimensions of the stream of expressions mapped in the time reference frame in such an overwhelming manner that a distinctive Age identity can assigned to it…..
If someone devotes time to analyze the issues in above context, he can find the presence of three significant vectors that attempt to influence the current era substantially in defining human expressions…..they belong to broad category of economy, technology and language….they all appear to sway the flow of thoughts in human mind in almost similar way and strength, but if we delve into the issues to test it more analytically, we find that economy has not yet been able to influence the creative fields like art, literature, philosophy, dance and music as conspicuously as its effects are on other fields like social relationships, education, hygiene or political decisions……and we also find that technology has also had tremendous influences upon certain areas like communication,  health awareness, environment consciousness, professional skill, architecture, and even in some areas within the fields of music, theatre and art, but it has not yet succeeded to influence literature, religion or philosophy…..language has, in contrast with the other two major vectors, had its sway over several fields since long before economy or technology entered into the game….it has a natural connection to art, literature, education, religion, philosophy, science, social interactions or political thoughts….thus, it has an instinctive bearing on these fields in its innate form….but, the question is not concerned about whether it has any influence on every field or not, it is about whether it has prodigious impact on these fields, which induces human expressions and events of life to be reigned by it…..despite evident effect of language on the most of the mentioned fields, language has not yet been able to make them its subject….it guides and controls much of human expressions….more and more sparks of human actions….but language has yet to establish its indisputable rule over all fields of human pursuits as may be evident from the fact that distinct effect of language cannot be observed in the arena of art, painting or habits…..
With these facts at hand, we can although find that these three major vectors jointly have influences upon all observable fields under consideration and if we can determine an element fundamental to all these three vectors, which not only constitutes these vectors but is also contributory to the source of its swaying authority, then such element can be chosen as a fundamental vector identity having gross influence over all aspects of human actions and expressions and the era can then be assigned with an attribute of distinction…..Again, if we look into structures of those mentioned three principal forces and the perspective of influences under consideration, we may find that language has the widest expanse of influences, followed by technology and lastly by economy….it is although an admitted fact that the difference in strength of influences is not that significant and, thus, all three can be accepted as major vectors….but, for language having the widest expanse, it can be taken as an eligible subject for scrutiny in order to test if there exists any fundamental component at all, and if so, if such is common to the rest of the vectors and above all, if such fundamental component can be construed to be the seed of influence…..
In current era, language—both oral or written—bears some basic components, either to express in verbal form or written, like syllables, notes, tones, tenors, alphabet, paragraph, indent, list, table, emoticons, signs, gestures, etc…some of these are common to other two principal vectors also, maybe, not as a necessary element for both, but as an element belonging to two partially overlapped proper subsets of the set containing all these elements in language….but, it  now makes sense now to look at the intersection part of those two proper subsets if there truly exists any fundamental element common to all three major forces, which bears the power to influence human actions……I have tried to analyze it by trial and error method and it is quite a tedious process to discuss here within a short article…..I prefer to share only the inference of such exercise here…..
What I have found is almost similar to conceptualizing quarks while defining the electrical field….here, the fundamental element conforms a form mostly suited to “code”……the code is necessary constituent of all those three major vectors in the present era….I must explain a bit to let it roll in its own way along its further course….
Example No 1    :            One can see now, in an online communication; “it’s me, who is writing this article sitting on my desktop, speaking to it through speech recognition mechanism and the computer converts it into written form….writing my expressions while my expressions traverse to the reader through my thoughts…to lips…to microphone…to processor…codes…conversion to word form….display on LED…uploading on blog…accessed by the….displayed on his LED…read by him…..strikes his thoughts….thus, entire communication takes place where codes play important role to influence the way communications are made….
Example No 2    :            An architect is asked by a developer of a building to make a cost-effective plan for a multi-storied building to be raised upon a plot of land…the land belongs to someone else who will get a couple of flats when the construction is complete, and the fund comes partially from the financier  and partly from the prospective customers….now, the architect examines the plot…codes….map it on paper….learns about the budget, estimated number of occupiers…estimated garage space…he drafts a design…codes…reflects it on financial form…financier examines…codes…amends finance terms….developer examines…. codes…restructure sale price…booking price…codes….advertisement issues…codes….newspaper prints….buyers read….codes….mobile rings….codes….communication is established….so on….
Example No 3    :            I think….codes….pen moves….eyes dance….ink layer descends in scalar form…expressions fail to find a word….scratches my head….gestures….complete the poem….codes…keyboard  runs….codes… on….upload on the Writerscafe…codes..Mr. X reads it….codes….comment…..OMG….lol…..xoxo….I read…codes….understand….communication is established….
A few examples cannot completely convince everyone of the existence of a fundamental element available in all three major forces of influence in human thoughts and actions, but one can explore and test on his own and satisfy himself with countless instances that can be find place in his table…..I have done it with more than a few hundreds examples and satisfy myself with its existence….I bear no doubt that codes are essential fundamental elements constitute not only the three major vectors under reference, but also many other insignificant forces, which also have influence upon human thoughts and actions….and the final test is now to convince that such constituent element has verve to sway the fields in way it wants to influence actions and expressions….to convince myself of it, I take the help of my limited knowledge of bioscience here….even a layman now knows that human body is a combination of a few systems….each system consists of a few organs…organs based on functions and structures….both functions and structures are dependent upon micro-functions and micro-structures…going down to cells---dna…rna….impulse…codes….so long….human brain acts on the basis impulses received by neurons….analyze it within cells…some biological actions take place…actions are codified…instructions are generated….micro-functions start…codes….action takes place…system runs….so when human actions and thoughts are code-dependent, then can’t we accept that codes must surely have influences upon human expressions, perception and actions….therefore, there is one elementary constituent of all major influencing factors that sway human thoughts and expressions….events of life and its explanations….and such element is mostly suited to be “code”….it may also be mentioned that “code” is just virtual indentity….it does not have any real image….we write “1” to indicate that the count is “single” when it concerns counting something  quantifiable in numbers….but it may mean “yes” when the system is on True-False judgement…one real thing cannot have two certain identities in two forms within same kind of process….Moon remains moon even when an observer sees it from Mars…it remains round object even when one sees only a curvy crescent on the third night… whatever dissimilar identities are seen for a single real object cannot be real identities, but images of a single source….they are virtual reflections of reality……in like manner, “codes” would have been real elements had there been indisputable identity of each in every field of its application….so they can only be images of some real facts….therefore, “code” is a fundament ingredient whose real form is not discernible, but it is effective through its virtual form and influences all human actions, thoughts and expressions in the current era….
I have dared to propose for so long that “code” is the fundamental building-block which creates the structure of human expressions and thoughts in the current era and all major influencing vectors like technology, economy and language are almost driven by codes and as human structure is code-dependent the power of code to influence human actions, functions, expressions and ideas cannot be denied…, if the current era is influence in so overpowering manner by “codes”, would it not be proper to define this era as “The Code Age”?……
I leave this question for the readers to ponder over and come with own answer within their own mind…..

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

আবার সকাল.....

আবার সকাল.....
ফেলে-আসা রাতের কটা বস্তাপচা লাশ,
আর খবরের উল্লাস,
বিবর্তনের খামে-মোড়া আর্তির বিকাশ
তবু নিত্য প্রকাশিত তমোঘ্ন,
তবু সুর প্রাণ খোঁজে পাখিদের গানে,
তবু এক-মনে রঙ-তুলি-হাতে ছবি আঁকে বসন্ত.....
যদিও, নিশ্চিত আমি, আরও কিছু ভুল জমা করে তুলি
আগামী ভোরের ঠোঁটে বিষ ঢেলে  দেব বলে ।

The epitaph !

Between leafs of time  S leeps the untold tale of life, In dreams of love and love of dreams. Smudging the margin in between The ...