Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Don't press the doorbell

Don't press the doorbell, my child,
The society is sleeping......
You go on getting beaten up,
You go on getting raped,
You go on getting killed,
But don't press the doorbell, my child,
The society is sleeping.......


  1. So very true, Saibal! The society is never going to get awake ever!

    For me, I would rather prefer entering the room without pressing the doorbell, no matter whatever may be the consequences described, if I'm keen to enter at any and all cost, then I will for sure...

    Very well written, indeed...

  2. Short, simple and effective - loved your poem.

  3. Thanks, Abhra, for your all words of appreciation....



For years they have been there--stoically oblivious To the world slipping out of time--caged in the dungeon of Down-shelves in my library...