Friday, 9 April 2010


"Kandale tumi more bhalobasar ghaye..."

This is one of my most favourite songs of Tagore....
I have attempted to present its translieration before my friends for whom language in original stands as a barrier....I know it hasn't touched the depth of the poet's spiritual consciousness, yet a fraction would be enough to value its wholeness, I feel.....

Thou hast made me cry in lashes of thy love--
In an intense pain infusing euphoric stream of bliss within.
For the tryst I shall venture thy place unreachable, and
Let it play tunes of twinges onto my weary feet.

The flute blows within my heart,
The stream of tears meanders on,
And in all sweetness of sorrow are lost the paths of pursuit.
Thou rob me of all, bit by bit, yet desert me not;
Thoughts cannot budge, what a quandary thou hast led me in ?


  1. Beautiful! I can understand why this is one of your favourite.

    "In an intense pain infusing euphoric stream of bliss within"
    That one line alone evokes a myriad of emotions.

  2. Wow! intense and beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to Tagore!

  3. the pain and joy of love. Like in Gitanjali, it is tough to say whether these lines are about mortal love for another being or divine love for the creator.

    Again a privilege to read translation from Tagore.

    does rabindra sangeet have its english translations?

  4. @Celine--Yes, you picked up the finest amongst the best...It took me nearly an hour for this single line to get as near possible to the intensity of feelings of the poet...warm regards,
    @Prateek--Nice to see that it touches wishes,
    @Sidharth--I know how intense is your reverence for Tagore...
    Amazing is that his literary contributions, particularly poems and songs, have, for years, influenced expressions of love, emotion and common exchange of thoughts in educated Bengali society...and, in most serious relations, they remained the chosen quotes...
    Unfortunately, profundity of his philosophy of life could not still transform the inert soul of the society, in its entirety !!! In my appreciation, his every expressions traversed from material world to the endless divinity...
    I shall attempt transliteration of one of his richest compositions to share such sequence...He wrote it and then edited all changed with changes of a few words from material expression of beauty to mission of life in pursuit of divine other words, he brought divinity down to human consciousness with a sense of completeness binding both the Creator and his creations into an absolute self...none is complete without the other...
    I don't know if there are songs in English version...but, I heard some in Hindi version sticking to both tune and lyrics....and, some popular Hindi film songs, like "Piyu bole" in recent time, had its tunes influenced, grossly or partially, by tunes of original ones...
    Anyway, I will let you know after getting info on this..
    Till then, take care, my friend.

  5. I loooove this song !
    nice to see you put it this way. It still is beautiful Saibal ! *smile*

  6. Hi there! You have got a wonderful piece of Art here. So I thought to pass on an award to you :)
    Please grab your award here

  7. Good morning, Antony ! I'm delighted to have your footsteps on my page....and thankful for your appreciation and encouragement...


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