Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tale of a copycat.....

Dear readers,
I received interesting information from an unnamed reader this morning. It is in my comment box of my February 18, 2010 post, “The Barman’s string”
and when I checked the link provided therein I was shocked to find its may check yourself too at
And, on further scrutiny I found two more posts in that blog—one being
 copied from one fine contribution of “Shas”
and another one
copied from what I wrote in the comment box of “Memories” written by “Shas”
I have requested the blogger to search for conscience....
What I write on my blog are just to share expressions, and they never go for publication elsewhere...blogging and publication are two distinct categories for me which are well classified, both in content and context...and, I don’t mind even if someone wants to use any of my blog-posts for any academic or personal interest so long it bears an honest intention...
I still believe that time is never lost...maybe, only delayed...for to learn to renew trust in truth...and I wish the person finds comfort of a guileless space of soul.
Let us hope that this turns out to be the last tale of a copycat....yes, of the last copycat !


  1. :) I'm glad you've taken a stand for your art. She's plagiarized from a number of authors (including one of mine, which is why I'm drumming up support,) and I've tried to inform them where I can. Thanks for letting Shas know. Sadly, she doesn't seem to have a single original thought in her head.

  2. saibal,

    thats sad, but I am not surprised. It happened to me too, few months back.

    But there is a way out. You can complain to google here ->

    Just provide the links of your original entries and then of the entries where the copied work resides.

    In my case I got all the copycat blog entries removed by google.

    I also believe that google takes more strict actions like getting the blog down if the user continues with copying.

    You can find if there are any other copy cats by searching random text from your blog within quotes in google.....

    Last resort is to keep your blog open for trusted invited readers only...

  3. @Anonymous--Nice to get in touch again..One great positive impact of this issue is that it finally contributes to newer relationships amongst the unknowns...yes,like us...
    @Sidharth--Yes, it is sad....of a great sorrow not for someone has borrowed a few words or thoughts that I or you or we shared somewhere over the net, but for to see someone losing trust in self....
    There may be one or many ways to remove/ban/block the person...people have choices indeed...Wish the conscience prevails within...time is never late...
    Thanks again for your kind inputs, my dear friend !!
    Warm wishes,

  4. Hi Saibal,

    thats outrageous.passing off someone else's work as one's own is blasphemous.glad u took this step to expose..however, there needs to be stronger steps taken to protect the products of our orginality, our intellect..

    I thank you for the beautiful comments on my blog that only a beautiful mind can make..I have replied to the same.Pls do keep visiting/Will be an honour.

    P.S: just my opinion, u have every right to discount it..the music on ur page I felt to be jarring, in contrast to the music in your writing :-)but like, I said, its just my opinion.

  5. I will surely visit your page soon...
    Thanks for your candid reflections on my page...You all may be right to point out that some stronger steps should have been initiated on this copycat issue...there is no logic with me to disagree....
    A feeble soul of me could only hear whispers of those swirling leafs of life gently unveiling its utter fallibility affront some graver injuries to creativity, intellect, dream or vision...
    Now, on the post script...I never knew of the fact for my lt running with media player must be playing with its own wishes..and, there must be some settings to ruin its freedom run too...I will surely explore to make it silent as I thought it to be...
    Thanks again for your valuable suggestions, my dear friend !!
    With warm regards,

  6. hey.. i saw the pages...
    u have been too damn sweet to her in commenting.
    she doesnt deserve such civilized and nice comments! you should have shouted at her.

    You could report abuse about the blog.. can't you?
    She is busy posting materials.

  7. Thanks, my friend !
    I wish to see her conscience shouts instead...
    If my wishes fail, it would add another page to a long list only...
    Take care,

  8. That's terrible. I've been through this as well. At one point, my entire post with pictures on Khajuraho was plagiarised, and since then I took a step back in blogging. Nowadays I post smaller pictures on my blog. I hope the copycats realise the extent of damage they cause to those they copy from and stop doing so.

  9. That's great, Celine. And to protect spam comment, you may also go for moderation...some checks may be there to restrict back links.
    Your snaps are awesome and you may either reduce resolution to 72 dpi or get the original scanned and upload it...yes, hide Exif data too...
    What I have learnt from Lopa that you cannot stop the menace...but can protect copyright, if you are in commercial field...
    Best wishes,


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