Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Far, so afar !

Where, so far and afar, does my soul wander in pursuit of
Those tunes of thy flute that lets the breeze moan?
Where does to an alien place my bankrupt soul seek to tread on
Along the path that loses trail beyond
All margins of land in its pensive quest?

(Another vain attempt to transliterate Tagore’s poem, “Dure kothay dure dure...”...yet, I wish to share it with those who could not listen to the harmony in its original masterpiece)


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful comment.... :)
    I like your blog as well !! I noticed we share a common theme..
    I would love to keep coming back ! :)

  2. Far, so far, that you seem to have almost reached the mountain tops!

  3. Literally, my wishes were taller than the tops in pursuit...my emotions were heavier than the sack on my back...
    Only my failings treaded further on to lose the trail...
    I surely know that you know what mountains know of our lunatic love to let them know that we know not much of it yet....
    Regards, Celine !

  4. Sir! Tagore's lovely poems are a treat for a poetic heart.I appreciate tthis blog a lot.

  5. You're heartily welcome, Varsha!

  6. wow. poetry i found it again. thanks for this translation. i don't understand bengali but admire tagore's poem in english very much. i often get inspired by his style and some of the themes he used. thanks for this one. seems i found treasure today



  7. Rinzu, you're welcome...thanks for your encouraging words.

  8. Nice attempt..appreciate you...


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