Tuesday, 8 April 2008

An idle brain and some stupid thoughts

Imagination stretches the realm of intellectual competence of mind; but also attempts to sail wistfully afar towards some illusory horizons and mislays the anchor where it finally loses power to govern the whole anymore.


  1. It took me to read it thrice to understand the thought! It's stupid or not , I won't say... But it is surely not for stupid people!

    I came to see your blog from your comment left on my site Me and Literature.

    Your thoughts are elegant. And so is your writing.

    I have subscribed to your feed. And when I did that I noticed there is one post which is in yellow color and hence it is not readable (unless selected) on white back ground of my Google Reader. So I get a thought that you giving different colors to your posts might look suitable with your blog template, but for those who read your posts through feed (and in email feed) will not get the effect. So, in my personal opinion it should be better if all the posts are written in same color which is most appropriate.

    But, after all, what matters is your thoughts. Great ones! Keep it up whether or not one subscribes, or sees your blog. Never stop thinking great thoughts.

    Thanks for stopping by my website.

  2. Thanks, friend for your sweet appreciation!
    I never thought about those colours playing menacingly behind my blog--so will make them adequately disciplined !
    Before I read your comment, I uploaded a post ( that for the kids only--no kidding !) which may also seem unreadable.
    Best wishes,

  3. so sailbal,
    never lay anchor keep drifting..
    there is no absolute..
    all are relative..
    keep drifting...


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