Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A message

Days were so joyous and free
Of walks together for you and me;
Of moments spent in nature’s green
By leisurely laid a lake so serene.

We would play an endless game
That you would ask, “Dad, tell its name”;
I would tell some, but mostly missed
Softly holding your palms so sweet.

Some unknown tunes that birds would sing
The sky would hold spread a gleeful wing;
And, that would let our souls be true
In a dainty milieu of love to brew.

Hidden in time are the seeds of life,
And, its desire and strife,
For to sustain where the world is hard;
We learn to fail with entreaties unheard.

My boy, mind not what time says you to lose
Rue not for what life tells you to choose;
Let only the soul carry the truth divine
For the sojourn to leave an imprint benign.


  1. a sweet poem
    with delicate touchings of
    teaching and love.
    Nice to see poems from you saibal!!
    thank you

  2. What a powerful message to the son. Very well done.

    Hope to get to read more poetry here. :)

  3. lovely poignant have crafted it beautifully!

  4. In English, August there is a character who describes a ghazal about a nose bead falling from a lady's nath. Your poem has the same aji: Japanese for flavour. It is sad, haunting and mellifluous but somewhere perks up the mind.
    Good work, sir.

  5. Didnt know about the poetic genious in you delicately portrays...what I always wanted to write (for my father) and always would want to write (for my son).

    Thanks again....

    you have chosen the blogtitle most aptly Saibal


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