Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A dream sequence

It’s a fantastic opportunity for my immediate boss to be present at Kennedy School of Harvard University for a crash academic programme. When we sat together, someone was interested to know about the contents of the course while another was euphoric in referring the fact that Harvard being a premier institution had so far produced forty three Nobel laureates. So, everyone was unpredictably charged up and I never knew that my colleagues had so much knowledge over a simple subject like “Harvard”. Fortunately, there has always been a wide gap between me and knowledge for the benefit of both. As I look after general administration, nothing stimulated me more than his actual itinerary. But, I was grossly amused to hear that the 5 pm jet, which would surely have a 19 hours flight via Brussels, would actually reach USA by 1 am next morning. I was musing over this strange event that he would be enjoying nineteen hours on flight while spending only eight hours of time actually. I was thrilled enough to scream “Eureka” for this splendid discovery, but soon retreated in the midst of the academically ionised environment. But, I continued to ponder over those 11 hours of bonus time—truly, a gratis for availing a flight to the West. What a heavenly bliss of timely compliment! Wow! The opportunity seemed to me more alluring than the Harvard and I would, definitely, have dreamt for those long free eleven hours—a dream that would not cost me time, a marvellous dream of freedom, a freedom of dream. Sadly, I lose the chance for all realities stubbornly ruling!

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  1. I reached here from Orkut. 100th scrap!
    (But I don't show my blogsite there for some personal reasons.)

    Your interesting and thought-provoking post here makes me want to read further. Shall explore more and surely return. Please continue writing. :)



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