Sunday, 17 April 2011

Last words

Done is the play in this hall,
Time ripens for curtains to fall;
O the inmost of the silent wanderer of my life!
Turn back at close of an imperishable day.

In transient hex, moments dazzle;
Grant my eyes—filled in broken dreams—to explore;
Let me discern what you leave aside
And what is treasured in last savings
At the end impression of this pleasure

The vision has not satiated in sight of proximity,
I wonder if in introduction of distant horizon of severance
It will show up through spectra of a setting sun

In appealing shines and darkness
Upon the brim of catastrophe,
I know not if I would ever perceive
Why is this coming—and going,
Why is there so much of gain to lose only;
I know not if you will paint again
Today’s wiped up image
In new colours, O the creative poet.

(A small effort to transliterate Tagore's "Sesh Katha")


  1. Pop in I, on my rare visit and fall upon the wonder of your verses...

    I absolutely loved the music that rang in through the read of the first four lines, only to suddenly fall into a subdued mystic tone; left me wondering what these words were inspired by... a failing health of the self? of a loved one? or simply a wavered musing as your little note at the bottom of the post suggests?

    In this pseudo silent pondering of mine, hides the craft of your words' meaning, which perhaps a few more reads might unfurl... perhaps...

    Hope all's well with you and yours, my dear fellow write, Sir.

    ~ Best wishes,

  2. It is so pleasing to hear you and get shared with your candid expressions....this was an old lot in my diary....I am perfectly okay and everyone around me are too ...just too much stuck up in work...hope to get some liesurely time by end of June....Best regards,

  3. Much relieved am I to read you say so...
    Thanks for sharing something old, and so beautifully written.

    I look forward to when your time allows you to share more of your words, inshaAllah :)

    Best wishes,

    ~ H

  4. Much appreciated, my dear friend !!

  5. Lovely creation there Saibal. Thanks for making us understand Gurudev's words in such a lovely way.

    1. Thanks, Ashu, for your encouraging words !


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