Thursday, 11 November 2010

Just an endless flow...

Just an endless flow--
To come and part with,
To be drifted by tide;
To smile and weep
In shines and darkness.
Just to have a few glimpses,
Just to leave a tender touch,
Just to look back in wet eyes;
Just to move afar with newer trepidation
Leaving illusory hopes behind.
Overflowing in infinite desire
Sustains the shattered verve,
In pursuit with utmost zeal
To be left only with a ruinous finality;
Clinging to flotsam of wrecked boat
Drifts aimlessly in boundless ocean
Just to leave wailing emotions
And a few devastated expressions.
Just to leave souls insatiate in
A few curtailed encounters,
Just to leave half-spoken words
In awaiting completeness;
Amidst thorns of shame,
Angst, horror and half-belief
Just to keep alive a famished love.

(Finding little time to write anything new, I prefer uploading an old transliteration of one of the finest poems of Tagore--"Sudhu Jaoa Asa")


  1. "Overflowing in infinite desire
    Sustains the shattered verve,
    In pursuit with utmost zeal
    To be left only with a ruinous finality;"
    Love that part the best.

    Thank you for the transliteration Saibal. Powerful words giving in to imagery.

  2. Your words are always encouraging, Celine.

  3. Saibal,
    I've made an attempt to respond to your query on Mount Sinai.
    Feel free to email me or drop by at my blog anytime and leave behind a comment if you require any other information. Have a lovely day.

  4. very beautiful saibal. Hope you keep on bringing works of Tagore to non-bengali readers like me.

  5. @ Celine--Yes, Celine, once I get some free time.

    @Sidharth--I must confess that I derive much of inspiration from you...If I have believed in God, it has infinite forms in Tagore...and whenever I read him now, I remember you for your so profound regard for him.
    Thanks, dear !

  6. Saibal, I would not consider myself worthy of inspiring you especially since I have been reading your high quality output in this blog, but if it is true I am very pleased :)

    I do call myself as an agnostic or sometimes atheist. But if I have felt god at any point in life it is through Gitanjali and other verses of Tagore. In a a way no other words have had a more profound impact.And that is one of the reasons too I want to learn Bengali. And I I am not the first one to have this urge. Gulzar was very moved by Tagore and he learned Bengali just to read it in original. There is something about Tagore inexplicable. :)

  7. Very nice poem. The title is attractive.

  8. @ Sidharth--I get inspired even through your comments, dear.
    @ Savaari--Much appreciated.

  9. Thanks, Celine, for all your caring words!
    Yes, I'm fine...a bit stuck up these days...
    Take care, my dear friend !!


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