Monday, 23 August 2010

O my love, wake, wake, wake up

In the deepest desolate corner of my heart
Silently you’re lying alone on the bed;
O my love, wake, wake, wake up.

Facing the bolted door, I wait on;
How long would moments stretch, dear?
O my love, wake, wake, wake up.

Stars have invaded the night sky—
Laying eyes upon my windowpane;
O my love, wake, wake, wake up.

Pour music onto my life;
Restrain not tunes of your lute;
O my love, wake, wake, wake up.

I will let free my eyes to meet yours;
I will let my hand rest on your right palm;
O my love, wake, wake, wake up.

My soul will be brimming with divine nectar;
The darkness will resonate in radiant presence of holy rays;
O my love, wake, wake, wake up.

[This is a song written in Bengali by Tagore. It has been extremely difficult for me to transliterate it into English. I have miserably failed to fill the intensity, awesome blending of love for his beloved and love for the almighty in twists of stanzas.]

Yet, I went on. I must tell why to a very few readers I have on my page. I went attempting on Tagore’s work with inspiration of someone from whom I learnt Tagore…learnt to feel Tagore…that ultimately drenched my poor soul with peace, purity, and somewhat goodness. Yes, the girl—whom I was to teach—has lent her life to turn me a better than what I had been.

It was the song that she taught me to sing. It was the song that I sang while seeking her hand…she held mine, and we walked long together, hand in hand…and, walking together onto the end where there will just be a single impression left on the deep horizon.


  1. Saibal,

    The emotions that Tagore invokes in his words might only be complete when you find them through someone. Even though you transliterated those lines but one cannot gift those feelings of peace, purity.. so simply. It has to be experienced, often in a not so solo venture. If life has anything close to having a purpose, it is the one you experienced in side note to the poem.

    good luck

  2. Thanks for translating it for a few poor souls like me who are Bangla-illiterate. Despite what you have to say about your failed attempt i could still feel the words. Just a little wish, i wish you could post the original (as it appears in Bangla) along with the translation.

    Blessed are you to have found someone who could show you the beauty of it and share such an indelible bond with you.

    Cheers to life :)


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