Friday, 6 August 2010


Buried in sunken eyes sleep the dreams—
Countless corpses of abundant wishes—
As silent as a songbird that has lost its voice.
There reign phantoms of deeds
Like a sadist, remorseless ruler.

The magic wand destroys slumber, and
The dreams fall in—as loyal as Arthur’s soldiers;
They revel and dance to a fresh tune of promises
Till arrows kiss them as chosen prey.
Mortified they sink in dreamless sleep.

Peace prevails as martyrs die,
Deeds are done as dreams untie;
Life lies as a nursery of deathless dead.


  1. nice post..very expresive style of writing..

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  2. Though your poem is titled Life. Your lines makes me think of death and broken and unfulfilled dreams.

  3. Now I see why your comments are so poetic :), you have wonderfully strung the words to generate profoundness.


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