Friday, 9 April 2010


"Kandale tumi more bhalobasar ghaye..."

This is one of my most favourite songs of Tagore....
I have attempted to present its translieration before my friends for whom language in original stands as a barrier....I know it hasn't touched the depth of the poet's spiritual consciousness, yet a fraction would be enough to value its wholeness, I feel.....

Thou hast made me cry in lashes of thy love--
In an intense pain infusing euphoric stream of bliss within.
For the tryst I shall venture thy place unreachable, and
Let it play tunes of twinges onto my weary feet.

The flute blows within my heart,
The stream of tears meanders on,
And in all sweetness of sorrow are lost the paths of pursuit.
Thou rob me of all, bit by bit, yet desert me not;
Thoughts cannot budge, what a quandary thou hast led me in ?

The epitaph !

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