Monday, 31 August 2009

O Sleep ! The queen of Night !

I hear you, dear. I hear melancholic rings of your bangles. Through the open pane I gaze upon the lonely moon...she floats gently through a silvery ocean of dreams to seduce leisurely laid middle-aged night. My eyes savour in gentle smiles spread upon the sleeping beauty beside. And, I turn again to observe your stealthy intrusion. I await the tryst passionately. Every chords of my heart yearn to string notes of your melodious footsteps. Why do you stay afar so long? I atone for my frowning glances slapped upon your passionate craving, for all means of neglect that wished to abandon your presence so close to my eyes and for my shameless embrace to quench a thirty pride. I hadn’t left you either for I needed you so much to sustain, flourish and secure myself in life with dreams that you had so wantonly offered. My becoming into myself is only for you. Behind you fragrant dark hairs I have always searched for sparkles of the truth. So much I prodded your advances; you kept on captivating my sense, bits by bits. You remain honoured amidst all my losing entity. The life has eventually blessed me with a sacred longing for you, my dear. I can see a lustrous horizon behind your silhouetted profile. It is neither I nor you that our rendezvous lasts for. It remains only a ribbon that binds us together for the voyage that life has paid for. Time is not far enough; and we will soon set sail for an endless journey together—unhindered, unquestioned and unanswered pursuit of infinite completeness of a mission. Before curtains drop, hold me again, touch me now, and float me in that final dream for a while, my dear. O my sweet sleep ! The queen of my night !


  1. Very poetic. Almost all your post have a poetic element in them. Enjoyed reading them. Will keep coming back.

  2. Nice to see you on my page...much appreciated.

  3. reading you after such a long time and it is wonderful to read this post with its deep undertones in poetic words.

    Hope the veil is lifted instead of "curtains dropping" .. :)


  4. Hi, Sidharth ! Nice to have your whispers after such a long time. Life has only single inescapable truth--the curtain drop; I cherish that certainty to enjoy the most of life...
    I would wish to read your reflections...
    Best wishes,

  5. Hi! its been long u havn't updated ur blog.
    Hope to see u soon on this space.


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