Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A stoic evening

The evening stoically hung against the sky
With moments suspended in eternal time;
No wishes for the day to part,
Nor for the darkness to intrude into,
But the weeping flow of life continues.

Smoky air bears fragrance of lust,
Husky voices of unknown people convey
Mirth in losing love and morals;
Laughter bought, passions traded
And, fame shines upon blade of razor.

Some ugly roses, offered and forsaken,
Some ignored innocence, duped and dumb,
Some naked truth, hated and shunned,
Some tender palms, bruised and burnt.

A few wishes still float on with clouds,
A few colours still await some brushes,
A few dreams still dare to unravel itself,
And, the evening still pursues the nest.


  1. it was like a frame of stillness taken from the chaotic dynamic flow of time and then very well analyzed.

    The analysis ranging from stoic, to almost dejected of the current frame that has been captured..

    Nice to see a poem from you saibal...


  2. Those are some feelings expressed on a stoic evening!


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