Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Pages from a by-passer's diary--"I" in College Wallboard

If I were to die, I would wish not to die once;
Cowards die many times,
O Lord, I lay my valour at your feet!
I mind not, but I wish to be born and reborn
For to travel through those unknown worlds,
Somewhere remote from dins of known.

I would not crave for to be a bird
For to soar high and near to sun;
But a simple life of a butterfly
With a small world in some unnamed woods.
If I were to die, I would have closed my small wings,
And, dreamt through an endless slumber.

I would not crave for to be born again
As a beautiful tulip, praised and loved;
I would have just wished to be a tiny leaf,
Afar and away, for to embrace gentle morning rays,
And, to listen to last wishes of those raindrops.
If I were to die, I would have just fallen unnoticed.

I would not crave for to be another boy,
Respected and revered by many;
I would have just yearned to be again as I
With so much of pains and so much of joy.
If I were to die then, I would lay bare, up above,
Unclothed to my soul, satiated, so near to you


  1. is it in anonymity we are closest to the divine? One never knows though!!

    But could identify with these lines...

    thanks for sharing :)


  2. If I were to die, I would wish not to die 'more than' once.

    This poetry sounds like your earnest prayer. Endless fading dreams of a butterfly and unnoticed leaf fall after the closeness of raindrops are beautifully connoted. Well done!

  3. @ Dear Sidharth,
    I was more bent on poems during my college days....philosophies have not much deviated since then, but growing up in a complex world has silently wiped out softer tunes of my soul...
    I always await for your comments which have ever valued whatever meaningless contents the work bears in a balanced manner and I get much encouragement towards further sharing...
    I wish your recess will favourably hear our entreaty...
    My best wishes,

    @ Dear Celine,

    We may disagree in dying or being born once or more, but it is ever encouraging for your words of appreciation in existing in between...and we agree to be in there with solemn resonance within..
    This was written during early eighties and unfortunately I still bear an unaltered wish....I do not seek deliverance--neither to be a slave to wishes, nor to be a master of it--I just long for living as a simple uncared for entity whose birth or death do not bring smile or cry on anyone's face.
    Incidentally, today is my birthday !
    Take care,

  4. Saibal,

    When I wrote above, I did not think from the point of view of rebirth. Anyway, without analyzing further, it is indeed fine to agree to disagree..

    I was on yet another trip approximately during your birthday time, and now that I am back and catching up on some of my favourite blogs, please accept my belated birthday greetings.

    Many happy returns of the day Saibal. Wishes for another 46 more happy birthdays.:)

  5. Love to see you retrace where you left imprints....
    Regards, my friend !


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