Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Truth is thy religion, so is love !

Gentle kisses from lips hundred, wishes flew to the boy christened;
Yonder was the girl carried to Lord Shiva’s feet so sacred.
Years went by, love flourished, and wished they soon to wed;
Faiths fought, Lords were shunned, just to relish unity in hatred;
Up above from the Heaven’s sky, Lords together smiled and blessed.

[ It is an attempt to write a fifty-five poem.
Inspired by Indicaspecies..
The readers may read her Here ]


  1. Blessing pouring from above on the success of an inter-religious marriage of a loving couple.

    Your few selected words speak volumes. And I loved the title!

    Congratulations Saibal, this is excellent.

  2. It's to honour your encouragement..
    I'm immensely pleased to learn that you liked it..

  3. I thank you for responding to my blog post. Truly delighted about it. I hope you write more 55s. I hope to drop in more often.:)

  4. Wonderful!! :) You have an amazing vocab. Hats off ! I had to search for a dictionary *wink*

    You have an amazing quality of expressing feelings through words. I promise you I am coming back to the blog very soon for exhausting ur posts!

    BTW, I hope you wudnt mind a suggestion from me. Change the background, if you can. It would give clarity to your contents.


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