Friday, 7 May 2010

O Mother !

This is a repost originally published two years back on the 35th death anniversary of my dear mom....

"Mother, I shall weave a chain of pearls
For thy neck with my tears of sorrow"......Rabindranath Tagore

( These expressions of Tagore from Gitanjali were quoted by Sidharth while reflecting on original post )
Time alone can only beat time. A few decades have silently walked past and fast. This day of May resurfaces as unnoticed as blossoms unfurling its petals into full-bloom and as ritually as tides offer itself on tranquil banks of rivers.
Yes, we parted on one such day. The day was for my eyes and cries to accompany each other for too long. Yes, the day was there to teach me that sorrows and joys were not apart until time would dart a neat arrow of moment to draw a line between.
It is the loveliest in you that you brought me here. You let me sleep for months over that divine lotus gently floated in a pool of sacred water inside that beautiful world within you. Although the sky was dark with no stars to twinkle, no moon to shine and no sun to dazzle; yet no fear was there to sequester my feeble mind for ever-comforting warmth of the sanctuary in accompaniment. I never longed for freedom; yet lovingly you woke me up and let the string loosened and let me set sail in an unknown world of allurements. Why did you let me come out so early ?
It was your jolly bright face that my eyes could experience its first sight in. It was your gentle voice that my ears could savour in its first listening to music. It was that divine drink which you offered to quench my first thirst. It was that sweet scent of your body, which intoxicated me with the first sense of smelling. It was you whom I shed the first drops of my tears before and it was you with whom I shared my first love and joy. It was you wherefrom the first beam of life for me emanated.
With only a few seasons of togetherness to spend by came the divine ordain and it was time to part again. It was then for you to move to another world which my life could never reach up to until it denied itself. Why did you leave me so early ?
Days and nights passed by, and again this day of May resurfaces. I miss you not for I know that you have laid your loving eyes wide in those millions stars in the sky to take care of me. I miss you not for I know that your wishes roam around me with every fallen leaf of autumn, with every gentle drop of rain, with every ray of morning sun of winter and with every gentle breeze of summer. I miss you for not being by your warm presence. The poet said—“For love, the month is May”. Yes, true was he; yes, true he is. And, on this day of May, I miss you for I know I love you so much.
I miss you too much for I know I miss you too much, my dear Mom!



  1. Mother - source of love and forgiveness which never ceases just like the creators will.

    A beautiful and touching tribute to her. Loved every line of what you wrote. Thank you.

    Love to quote tagore here -->

    Mother, I shall weave a chain of pearls for thy neck
    with my tears of sorrow.
    The stars have wrought their anklets of light to deck thy feet,
    but mine will hang upon thy breast.
    Wealth and fame come from thee
    and it is for thee to give or to withhold them. But this my sorrow is absolutely mine own, and when I bring it to thee as my offering
    thou rewardest me with thy grace.

  2. Now I too miss my Mom. I have a million wonderful memories of her to cherish when I do.

    Saibal, this is such a touching post! Mother's love is more precious than all the treasures in this world. You have paid a glorious tribute to your Mom here.

  3. Loved that again....

    got me thinking of my own story


    An amazing concept isnt it?

  4. Can't but shed my own tears of reminiscence and tribute as I go thru those beautifully poetic weave of words!

    Thanks again

  5. The way you all felt and shared has deeply touched me !

  6. Saibal, Nice to see this post again. I do come back occasionally to re-read it. This is undoubtedly my favorite post of all your blog entries. A touching tribute to all mothers in your beautiful words.


  7. Yes, Sidharth, I read it again on that day after two years and was into it....and, thought straight of republishing...
    Your sweet words of appreciation have also emboldened my belief that there's always an eye to hold a droplet of tears...
    Warm regards,

  8. Beautiful!
    Oft we do wonder what love is, what is reminiscence, what is happiness and what is loss?
    All these questions are but answered by a single word "Mother", the person who encompasses the whole universe into singleton.

  9. Nice reflections, Sayak !
    I hear you...
    Warm regards,

  10. Thank You!

    I have recently started blogging. This is a new experience to me. Please do visit my blog sometime.


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